My kids thought it was awesome that Cherry Valance used to be married to Jimmy Hickock.

My kids thought it was awesome that Cherry Valance used to be married to Jimmy Hickock.


Disillusionment is setting in again. I was sitting at the kitchen table this morning, contemplating my bowl of Lucky Charms, when I discovered something amiss. I looked over at Mel, who had already started on his own bowl. “Hey, what are those orange and yellow things?” I asked him.

“The orange ones are stars, honey.” He poked through his cereal with his spoon.

“No, the ones that are orange and yellow. What the heck’re they?”

He fished up one of the odd bulbous things on his spoon and looked at it closely. “I do not know.”

Ian looked over my shoulder. “What’re you looking at?”

“These dealies here. They kind of look like mushroom clouds.”

Mel made a face. “Lucky mushroom clouds? Doesn’t sound right, does it?”

Then I made another startling discovery. “Hey! The yellow moons are gone! What’s going on here?”

Ian sat down at the table, as Josh came in and started rummaging for his own breakfast. “What’s all the fuss about?” Ian asked. “It’s just cereal.”

“Yeah, but, this is like part of my childhood. There’ve been yellow moons in here since Lucky Charms was invented. Now they’ve got these mushroom cloud thingies.”

“We oughta protest,” Mel put in, with his mouth full.

Josh started to laugh. “Yeah, you’d be the first ones they’d listen to. How many adults do you think are eating Lucky Charms?”

“Probably more than you think,” I said, pointing my spoon at him. “Look what it says on the box: low fat and oat bran. How many kids do you think care if they’re eating low-fat cereal?”

“Not to mention oat bran,” Mel put in. “This stuff is good for ya.”

Before I’d finished mourning the changes in Lucky Charms, the rest of the guys had come down for breakfast. Mel and I finished up quickly so the others could sit at the table in the kitchen. “So, any idea who’s coming out next month?” Kiefer asked me.

“Uh-uh. As usual. Somebody’s going to show up looking for a room and I’ll just say, come on in.”

“You ever let the wrong person in?” Nicolas asked.

“Once or twice.” He must have decided not to pursue that, because he went back to his breakfast. I went off to find the paper, and took it into the living room to read it.

By the time I’d finished with that, and brushed my teeth, the guys were getting ready to go.

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